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12 Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

The average human hair growth is around one-half of an inch per month. But with optimum nutrition and care, hair strands can double their growth to as much as one inch per month. Here are twelve easy ways to grow your hair faster than normal. 1. Combine optimum diet and hair growth supplements. Eat foods

Top Tips for Adding Shine to Your Hair

You can have luscious, shiny hair like the models on television shampoo advertisements have at the fraction of the cost spent on making their hair shine for the camera. The following top tips show you how. Add chamomile as a final rinse during your hair washing routine, if you have blond hair and desire subtle

How to Apply Eyeliner Along the Waterline

You can make your eyelashes seem fuller and define them by applying eyeliner to your waterline. Using cosmetics in this fashion will emphasize your eyes and make them look beautiful. You may already put eyeliner below your lower lashes and above your upper lashes. When you apply eyeliner to your waterline however, you do so

Food Diaries

The best way to lose weight is to simply eat healthy and exercise. However, all the dieting and exercising combined won’t work if you don’t stick with it – so the really hard part about getting rid of that belly is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A food diary can help. Keeping a diary of the