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Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries are beautiful, fragrant and delicious, but did you know that they are also low in calories and loaded with nutrients and fiber? A serving of eight medium strawberries a day provides 140% of our daily recommended allowance of vitamin C, 12% of our RDA for fiber, 6% of our RDA for folate, 210 mg

How to Naturally Highlight Brown Hair

Is your brown hair growing dull? Wish you had luscious brown locks that glistened like Evan Mendez or Anne Hathaway? Highlighting your brown hair will lighten it as well as bring it back to life. However, you do not have to pay for a store bought highlighting kit. You can make your own at home

Lose Weight Naturally

What is really hard is to witness, is young girls, the age of eleven and twelve, complaining about their bodies and the fact that they are too fat. This obsession has really gotten out of control. If there is constant dieting, there can be problems with your health and worse; after being deprived of food

How to Lighten Your Eyebrow Color

If you have ever dyed your hair a lighter shade, you might notice one thing, darker eyebrows. Or maybe you were just born with darker eyebrows. You can either dye your hair darker to better suite your eyebrows, or you can try another trick. You can bleach them. Before you gasp out of horror, I