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How to Naturally Highlight Brown Hair

Is your brown hair growing dull? Wish you had luscious brown locks that glistened like Evan Mendez or Anne Hathaway? Highlighting your brown hair will lighten it as well as bring it back to life. However, you do not have to pay for a store bought highlighting kit. You can make your own at home for next to nothing!

Coffee or Tea, Please: To add shine and give your hair a color boost, try some coffee or black tea. No, not to drink! For darker browns, you can use either coffee or the black tea as a rinse. For lighter browns, it is best to stick with the black tea. All you have to do is pour a cup into your hair during your shower, then shampoo and condition like regular. You may have to repeat this a couple of days a week for a couple a weeks before you notice a real difference.

Cinnamon: To give your brown hair some highlights and make it smell better, try cinnamon. Apply a thin layer of conditioner to damp hair. Then add cinnamon over that. Mix in your hair so that it makes a paste and does not fall out. You can either apply the cinnamon all over or put streaks in your desired places to have highlights. Then put your hair in a ponytail or bun and saran wrap it. You can even sleep with this mixture in your hair for the best results. After an hour or all night, wash out your hair as normal, and you have just baked yourself some amazing highlights.

Highlighting your hair does not have to cost a pretty penny. All you need are your basic items from the kitchen. Blondes can use lemons to highlight their hair. If you ever want blonde streaks, do not use lemons. This will only result in yucky orange hair. If you wanted to add a different color highlight in your hair that is not part of the brown family, you will have to buy a store bought kit or get it done at a salon.




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