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How to Lighten Your Eyebrow Color

If you have ever dyed your hair a lighter shade, you might notice one thing, darker eyebrows. Or maybe you were just born with darker eyebrows. You can either dye your hair darker to better suite your eyebrows, or you can try another trick.

You can bleach them. Before you gasp out of horror, I do not mean that you should make them white. Instead, bleach your eyebrows until you get your desired color. Lightening your eyebrows with bleach will create a softer look to your overall face.

If you are a blonde or red head, you do not need those color eyebrows. Instead, aim for a lighter brown eyebrow color. I suggest before you start to bleach your eyebrow, to have them waxed. Sometimes removing excess eyebrow makes you realize that the eyebrow color is not too dark. If you do wax your eyebrows and decide you still want to lighten them, wait a couple of days to avoid any skin reactions and unnecessary burning.

The bleach you should use is facial bleach. Follow the directions when mixing the bleach. It may be wise to test another spot on your face for any allergies. You can do the test on lip or chin if you like, since there is hair there. If no allergies or skin reactions occur, then it is time to get to the eyebrows. You want to put a decent amount over your whole eyebrow. Keep the bleach mixture on your eyebrows for thirty seconds and wipe away with a damp wash cloth. Always wipe the eyebrow you put bleach on first. If your eyebrow is now the color you want, you can quit there. However, if you still want a lighter brow, put the bleach mixture on for 30 more seconds. You can also keep the bleach on for up to a minute. Do thirty second/ 1 minute sessions until you reach the color you want.

Bleach can leave the eyebrow hair dry and brittle. So after you finish washing off all the bleach, apply a little bit of hair conditioner to each brow. This will keep them soft and stay controlled.

If you accidentally bleached them too light, do not freak out. You can gently shade them in with an eyebrow pencil until the original color grows back in. Another option, if they are really bad, is to buy very light brown hair coloring. Look on the box to see what color it will make your eyebrows. Then, use only a little bit of the mixture and apply on for a couple minutes at a time until you get the color you want.




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