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Hot New Trends in Cosmetics

The hottest trends in cosmetics now are anything but shy. Timid tints and soft-focus looks will step meekly aside in the coming year for vivid color and look-at-me metallics.

Brights are on everyone’s lips this season. Whether it’s a classic pin-up red, a pop of peony pink that’s anything but little-girlish, or a juicy orange, saturated colors for lips are hot right now. If turning up the volume on lip color isn’t your style, try the same vivid tones in a sheer formula to get the look without coming on too strong. These brilliant hues look fresh when paired with minimalist makeup in neutral tones on the rest of the face. Keep a little shine on your lips; bright mattes can look dated.

Metallic shades add a new twist to the classic smoky eye look. They’re a modern take on neutrals that flatter any eye color. Play shades of gold against one another or mix your metals by adding bronze or silver tones along your brow bone to highlight. Give metallic eyes dimension by sweeping a complementary tone of matte shadow into the crease of the eye; a hit of matte contouring makes metallics shine. Rich coppers and golds go well with chocolate brown or aubergine, while cool silvers are a natural match with charcoal gray. Turn up the volume on your mascara with a metallic eye look to avoid letting lashes get lost in all that shimmer.

High definition isn’t just for television these days. Foundations and powders that contain light-refracting particles give skin a smooth, dewy appearance. These particles are micronized to scatter light and illuminate your skin without being noticeably sparkly. Strong lips and metallic eyes have the most impact when your skin is as flawlessly smooth as it can be, making new high-def products good choices for a runway-ready look.

Gel eyeliners offer the blendability of pencils with the long-lasting wear of liquids. They take a steady hand and a little practice, but these versatile liners are worth the effort. For a softer look, apply the liner with a brush and use a cotton swab or blending brush to smudge the line, working quickly so that the liner doesn’t dry before your look is finished. The elegant look of winged liner looks best when left sharp and unsmudged after brushing it on. Classic black is a must, but gel eyeliners are also available in a wide array of colors from subtle sables to brilliant blues and even metallics.

Brows need to be emphatic and impeccably groomed to balance bright lips or frame metallic eyes. Almost any shape looks modern as long as it’s precise; unkempt nature-girl brows belong in decades past, not the here and now. Pencils and powders add depth to sparse brows, while brow wax tames bushy ones. Don’t be afraid to embolden blonde brows by darkening them a few shades with pencil or powder, but use a light touch; drawn-on brows look more costume than couture.

These hot makeup trends are only going to get hotter, so update your look with them today.


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